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Who is Teagan McLaren?

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Teagan McLaren. She had a guitar in her hands and a head full of dreams, but there was one thing holding her back – fear. Fear of being vulnerable, fear of baring her soul to the world, fear of singing in front of a crowd.

But Teagan didn't let fear define her. She turned to her guitar as a source of comfort, pouring her heart into every chord and lyric. Her songs were like pages torn from her diary, filled with intimate stories of triumph and struggle.

As she grew older, Teagan's love for music only deepened. She enjoyed jamming with friends at campfires and kitchen parties, which helped her gain the confidence to share her music with others. And then, in 2012, came the opportunity of a lifetime – the "Billy Idol" competition.

With the encouragement of her friends, Teagan mustered up the courage to submit an audition video. To her surprise, it received rave reviews, earning her a spot among the top four finalists, earning the chance to audition for country star Billy Currington. Although she didn't win the grand prize, Teagan walked away with something far more valuable – a newfound confidence in her abilities as a performer.

From that moment on, Teagan's star only continued to rise. She released her self-titled EP, placed in the top 100 of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest, and even won first prize at the Voice of the Rideau competition.

But perhaps the most significant milestone came in 2019 when Teagan released her first full-length album. Recorded in Nashville with the legendary guitarist John Willis, it was a testament to how far she'd come – from a girl with a guitar to a bona fide country artist with the world at her feet.

And just when she thought her journey couldn't get any sweeter, fate intervened once again. While performing at a show in Winchester, Ontario, Teagan caught the attention of Nancy Morris, who was moved by her lyrics and passion. Nancy commissioned Teagan to write a song for her #SiblingsToo Podcast, and thus, "Breaking the Silence" was born.

Self-recorded and produced by Teagan, the song was a testament to her growth as both an artist and a person. From fear to freedom, from vulnerability to victory, Teagan McLaren's journey is a testament to the power of music to heal, inspire, and uplift the soul. And with each note she sings, she reminds us all that anything is possible when you follow your heart.

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